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Chemical cleaners froth and bubble to make you think things are clean. Instead VRM Biologik® Bio-Cleaners rely on organic acids, essential oils and powerful bio-detergents. 

After you clean, nasty germs try to re-colonise the area within minutes. To help combat this we have bottled some of what nature uses to keep things clean. Citrus oils, gentle organic acids like lactic acid and friendly microbes help keep things cleaner longer. The result is freshness you can feel and a clean that lasts.

Lasting freshness you can feel


Contains no scheduled poisons


Works for you long after the cleaning is done


Case Study - Masters Thesis performed at University of Applied
Sciences, Wels, Austria

In order to examine the effects of in order VRM Biologik® Bio Cleaners against standard Commercial strength cleaners, surfaces were cleaned and examined for contaminants and re-colonisation using conventional, microbiological methods. These controlled tests were completed in various facilities and comparative cleaning agents, products were employed that were used currently in the various test sites for cleaning with all tests done subject to the instructions for use supplied by the manufacturers. In addition, a disinfectant meeting European regulatory requirements was utilised as a reference point in all the test objects.

The results show that directly after the cleaning process, VRM Biologik® Bio- Cleaners and commercial cleaning agents provided virtually identical results and were only slightly surpassed for disinfection capacity by the disinfectant. The results also indicate that the test surfaces subjected to VRM Biologik® Bio-Cleaners remained cleaner for longer than those treated with comparative agents. Above all, this was the case 24 and 48 hours after cleaning, where the absolute frequency of the result of VRM Biologik® Bio-Cleaners were in the 4 bacteria count class (meaning low recontamination). In the comparable products, this value amounted to bacteria count class 5 (meaning significant contamination). 

Daniel Haslinger, Fachhochschule, Wels, Austria.

Table 1 - Bio-cleaner graph.png
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